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My name is Christine and I’m a TEFL teacher. I’m certified to teach English as a foreign language and am currently teaching online to children in China. When I’m not teaching, I write for my travel blog. I’m hoping to raise this money to help me on my journey to teach English to children around the world and fund my travels to my next destination (Thailand!!) where I plan to teach English in the local schools. These funds would also allow me to expand my travel blog while exploring this amazing country. My online teaching career is still in the early stages and with my enormous student debt, I’m really low on funds. I hope to raise enough funds to support the early stages of my teaching career, my startup costs in Thailand, as well as my travels to new destinations to share with you all through my travel blog. 
There are two parts to my blog. One speaks to my experience as a TEFL Teacher and the many opportunities a TEFL certificate can bring. My page is a great resource for aspiring English teachers to find out what TEFL is, the certification and job interview process, the benefits of getting certified, and where to start if you wish to make the first step towards an incredible career. The remainder of my blog is devoted to sharing ideas and information from my travels to Spain, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Oman, Hawaii, and many future destinations. Besides photos and videos of my travels, I share lots of advice on getting around, accommodations, local culture, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Please help me on my journey to teach English to children around the world! Your support means so much to me and my future ESL students.