About me

Hi there, my name is Christine and I’m a TEFL certified Online ESL Teacher. I attended a 4-week intensive TEFL certification course at International TEFL Academy Barcelona in July of 2019. My career as an online teacher gives me the freedom and flexibility that a 9-5 job could not. I’ve had the opportunity to gain professional work experience teaching Spanish and Chinese speaking students, live and travel in different countries, experience other cultures, and connect with new people from all over the world. There are two parts to this blog. One speaks to my experience as a TEFL Teacher and the many opportunities a TEFL certificate can bring. If you don’t know what TEFL is, this is also a good place to start. My page is a great resource to find out what TEFL is, how to get certified, the benefits of getting certified, and the many job opportunities it can bring. The remainder of my blog is devoted to sharing ideas and information from my travels throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Besides advice and photos of my travels, I share lots of useful information on the local culture and community in hope of inspiring others to explore these destinations.

If you’d like to stay connected, please feel free to email me at Christine@seajcub.com