The 3 Things You Need to Teach Online

Get TEFL certified and start teaching ENGLISH online or abroad

With a certification in TEFL, you can teach in public/private schools, language academies, and universities around the world or make your own hours and become a private tutor. Many ESL Teachers like myself go on to teach English online. Teaching online gives you the flexibility to make your own schedule and freedom to travel and be based from anywhere. There are online teaching opportunities for those with and without a college degree. Click here to learn more about teaching English online.

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The 3 things you need to teach online

Laptop or Computer: most online companies require iOS or Windows operating system. Make sure to check with your specific company.

Internet Connection: you must have stable internet connection. Invest in an ethernet cable for high-speed connection if necessary.

Headset with Microphone: I use the Logitech G433 Gaming Headset. The audio quality is great, it’s very lightweight, and the microphone is detachable.

Get started today!

Click here for online teaching opportunities that DO NOT require a degree or native English speaking skills

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